7 Questions to Determine if Your New Business Foundation is Solid

Agency growth and new business. (Insert groan) Is your agency doing all it can to NOT be at the whim of erratic RFP’s, moody search consultants and networking with the usual (unresponsive) suspects?

If this is the year that your agency needs to tackle new business differently for strong growth, then take our quiz on the 7 Essentials to Accelerate Agency Growth.

Ask yourself each question below and count how many are a “yes, we have” …

  1. Defined our unique positioning/purpose? – What is unique about your agency vs. your competitors? Why should any brand marketer be aware of your agency?
  1. Provided credibility for our expertise with Intellectual Capital? – Marketers need a reason to believe you are an expert in “X”. Your investment in intellectual capital demonstrates your commitment and differentiates you beyond just another service every Tom, Dick and Harry agency can provide.
  1. Established an Inbound Marketing Strategy? – The fact is, your prospects are B2B decision makers – who make 70% of their buying decision before they ever issue an RFP. To get in the considered set, you need to regularly engage them with digital content.
  1. Defined our optimal growth verticals and Targeted the Right Prospects? – Even if you are a full service agency and “industry agnostic”, your growth is most likely to come from specific verticals that align with your expertise.
  1. Created an Outbound Marketing Strategy?For maximum impact, add a sales activation plan via phone and direct mail, proven engagement vehicles even in today’s digital world.
  1. Invested in the right Resources? – It takes dedicated people, technology, and fresh content to ensure your agency is in your prospect’s consideration set. This is not a part-time job for your AD or the Managing Partner – it requires dedicated individuals, tools and content.
  1. Created a Content Marketing Strategy? – To ensure your knowledge base and values are consistently in front of your prospect’s eyes, via speaking engagements, writing, videos and social media.


If you answered “yes” to 6-7 of the 7 Core Elements … Congrats! Next year should be a rockin’ year for your agency.

If you answered “no” to 2 or more, you might be facing another uphill climb in the months ahead. Take another look at each essential element, and start now to design and plan your strategy. Those agencies that are proactive, and hit the ground running with clear differentiation, strong content, and lots of visibility will win early and often in the game of new business.

Want to know more about a specific element? We’ll be posting more content over the coming weeks, but if you want to get a jump start click here and send us a note – we’ll be happy to provide a quick consult to help accelerate your growth.



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