The Top 4 Agency New Business Challenges & the Solutions for 2017

At the end of last year, Linkergy surveyed over a dozen agency leaders for our 2016 State of New Business Survey. While not a quantitative study, the depth and consistency of the feedback makes the conclusions pretty compelling. Added to

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5 Elements to Improving B2B Lead Conversion

As you consider how to improve your new business success going into 2017, you may want to first identify why some opportunities did not convert. We’ve pulled together a short list of the key factors that impact lead conversion. When

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How Long Does it REALLY Take to Get New Business Results?

Recently, a prospective agency client asked us “At what point would you expect to have results, (IE: leads) from a new business campaign?” Not an unusual question, and one we’ve heard consistently over the past 10 years. And you’d assume

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Optimizing Agency Growth for Today & Tomorrow

Accelerating Short Term leads by Building Long Term Brand Value Recent articles on new business have focused on the trend of adopting Content Marketing (CM) to build your agency business.  Most agencies we speak with are either trying to incorporate

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Is Content Marketing & Marketing Automation the “Silver Bullet” to Agency New Business Success?

We often hear how difficult it is for agencies to “get more initial new business meetings”. Agencies struggle to get in the door with prospective clients to start a relationship. And experience tells us that, contrary to what most agencies

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2016 Agency New Business Survey Results: The Biggest Challenges to Success

Many agencies wonder if their New Business challenges are different than other agencies. To help agencies understand that their struggle is not unique, and that there are proven New Business Strategies that drive success, Linkergy held a recent webinar with

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How to Diversify Your Agency Revenue When One Client Dominates

There are few things more rewarding for an agency than landing a large client. The new business allows your firm the opportunity to grow your resources and capabilities by providing an influx of new revenue. It’s an immediate shot in

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Ad Agency Positioning: Refine Your Focus for New Business Success

New business is the lifeblood of every agency. The key to growth and success over the long haul is a consistent pipeline of high value, qualified prospects that are ripe for conversion. And creating a pipeline of those opportunities requires

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Must-Do Tune Ups for Agency New Business Success

Attending agency conferences and network group meetings always provides great insight into the challenges agencies face. And the topic of growth – and business development – is always a core focus. It’s a deeply frustrating and subjective area, so we

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Turn Your Agency’s Online Presence Into a Business Development Machine

One of the fundamental principles of successful agency marketing and business development is to attract qualified leads and eventually get them to know, like and trust you. Solve this equation and you’ll create a pipeline of new potential accounts and

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